Crawling dungeons in the ‘Legend of Grimrock’

Last played: 2013

Previous playtime: 12 hours

‘Legend of Grimrock’ is an old-school style dungeon crawler RPG with a lot of puzzles. To confess I haven’t played any classic titles like the ‘Dungeon Master’ or others, so when I first purchased and played this game, it was the first of it’s kind.


The artwork in the beginning is really beautifully drawn.

In ‘Legend of Grimrock’ you have a group of four adventurers who are thrown in a dungeon without any equipment. Your adventurers must travel through maze like dungeon floor by solving puzzles and killing various enemies. As you sink deeper and deeper after each floor, you face more dangerous enemies and harder puzzles.


“I think I’m too lazy to do my own mapping…”

You may choose to create your own characters or you may begin your adventures with a pre-made team of heroes (which are well balanced) .


This mostly what you’re going to be seeing for first 5 floors (after that the theme changes).

Even though you play in a first person view, your heroes are actually standing in a square-like order. The order is the same as seen in the lower right corner (see pic): upper ones are in the front when facing forward; and if attacked from the side, those on that side take the hits.


“Burn! Burn you damn giant snail!”


“Oops…” HINT: Don’t use fire when facing walls or gates…

The battle is actually quite boring and slow, but hectic. It’s executed in real time and you have use a mouse for each hero to individually attack. Especially spells take way too much time, because you have to remember and select right runes for different kinds of spells to work. If you don’t want to die from enemies attacks, you mostly have sidestep and attack them before they attack you. The bigger the enemy the longer you have to do this.


Each character has it’s own inventory, stats, experience and skills. Somewhat sadly the skills are bound to the character’s class (e.g. a wizard can only learn magic type skills).

Even though you have face multiple enemies in each floor, it’s the puzzles that make the game fun. How will I reach the next floor? For your help you may find runes scribbled on other wise all same looking walls. (Clicking will translate them to English, so no worries in there..).


“Choose your fate. Perish in this cell or pick up the torch.”

The deeper you travel, the harder puzzles. Some are very annoying, because they are timed. Some are there just for your doom.

I recommend saving often, since checkpoints are infrequent.

Playing the game again after all these years first felt fun and exiting, but then I remembered that the rest of the game would be just basically just the same over and over again: sidestepping with monsters, finding keys and pushing buttons. It had been fun the first time, but to play the same game again..? Not this one.

Looking forward to playing the sequel though. What I’ve seen it looks fantastic and I hope there’ll be some new puzzle types and monsters.


An hour of gameplay gives you just a taste of what the game has to offer.

Playtime for the review: 1 hour

Current status: Won’t play again

Ps. I just have mention that ‘Legend of Grimrock’ games are developed by a small Finnish game company ‘Almost Human Games’. Hyvää työtä! (Good job!)


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