The Witcher: A game you really want to play, but just can’t…

Last played: 2012

Previous playtime: 2 hours

‘The Witcher’ game series is supposedly one of the most popular fantasy themed RPG’s. It is based on a novel series of the same name and has sold over 25 million copies. The first installment however seems to be a lot less popular than it successors.

The story and concept of the game series has always seemed interesting to me, but to be honest, I have never played either of the sequels. The first game however, I have played (well started to, to speak the truth). Twice. So this will be my third try.


Watch the intro cinematic video. It is pretty sweet.

Like in most games, when starting a new game you must choose a difficulty; and like most games ‘The Witcher’ offers you three options. I always choose the middle one: ‘normal’, ‘medium’ or whatever it’s called. I presume that it is the difficulty the game was originally designed to be played.

In addition to choosing the difficulty in ‘The Witcher’ you may choose how you control the game’s camera.


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The ‘keyboard + mouse’ is your basic Over-The-Shoulder view: turn the camera with your mouse and move with W,A,S,D keys.

In ‘mouse’ control however you just click on the ground and the camera turn with you.


Since you can switch between camera modes I decided to try both of them. And after playing awhile with each of them, I found it to be most enjoyable to switch between the modes depending on the gaming situation: ‘mouse’ control while exploring and ‘keyboard’ control in battle to get a better feel.



Quite a big difference, I’d say…

The combat itself takes some getting used to. It is very tactical and all about timing.


You make most damage with chain attacks aka. clicking when your sword cursor is in flames.

You may switch between three combat styles: ‘Strong’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Group’; each which has it’s advantage depending on the opponent. Luckily there is an active pause on the game, so there is time you switch between the combat styles and the camera mode.

All in all ‘The Witcher’ is a really heavy game. The combat seems simple compared to the other aspects of the game, like the ‘Alchemy’ or the character development.


But mostly it’s a heavy game because there is just so much story. It took over 20 mins from launching the game to taking the first steps with the character. After almost 2 hours of play, I’d finally learned the basics of the game, killed about 15 enemies and reached ‘Chapter 1’. It seems very little for that amount of time.

To me the story seems interesting, so I’ll try to go forward with the game, but it is going to take a lot concentration and will. By now I’ve only seen a scratch of the actual gameplay. There seems to be a lot of it, but by far it’s been mostly story. Right now I’m too exhausted to continue the game, there has just been so much to take in…

But as I’ve already tried to play this game twice before, this time will probably end the same way: I want to play the game, but just can’t because it’s too heavy.


If anything, I want to collect these cards!

Playtime for the review: 2 hours

Current status: Will try to continue...


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