Rewinding back to playing ‘Braid’

Last played: 2012

Previous playtime: 3 hours

Puzzle-Platformer ‘Braid’ was the first game I purchased from the Steam Store. Friends had talked good things about it and I bet it was on a pretty sweet sale.

That was in 2012; I played the game for two hours and haven’t played it since. Looking at my old save, I’d say I had completed about 1/3 of the game. Starting a new game deleted all the previous progress (I have now later learned that it is possible to access other save slots through the options menu).


The opening scene is really beautiful.

For some odd reason you begin with a ‘World 2’ (perhaps the world you begin in is considered number 1..).


Entering a world will show you a cloudy room with books: that tell you the game’s story throughout the game, and with doors: from which you may enter the actual levels of the game.


The levels are about collecting puzzle pieces by solving, well, puzzles in order to get to them. First look at the game gives you the feeling of a just an ordinary platformer game, but in reality jumping in platforms is just the way to solve the puzzles. The kicker of the game is that you can rewind at any time. Missed a jump? Just rewind and try again.


“Died again! I’m so terrible at jumping… Let me just rewind a bit and try again. Practice makes perfect!”

It was fun to realize that after all these years, I had forgotten how to solve even the easiest puzzles. It was so fun to play the game again, that I ended up playing it for three hours straight!

It was really fun, until it wasn’t fun… At some point it became so frustrating, that I cursed more than my boyfriend, who was playing ‘Shovel Knight’. In some levels, even if I was sure how to solve the puzzle (I even googled it to be sure), if my timing was just a one millisecond off, I would have to try again. And again and again… And thus I remembered why I never finished the game.

Even if ‘Braid’ has this really great game design, that you can go back to every level later and get the collectable puzzle pieces, I got too frustrated around the same part of the game as in my last playthrough, that I had to quit playing.

I guess now I’ll wait for another four years to play it again, because like I said: ‘Braid’ is a really fun game, until it isn’t.


“Well, of course she is…”

Playtime for the review: 3 hours

Current status: Will wait until I forget the puzzles and then play again.


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