Fractal: Play games, just not maybe this one…

Last played: Never

‘Fractal: Make Blooms Not War’ is a casual type puzzle game. This is one of the games I’ve even installed on my computer. I think I got the gamekey free from somewhere, and I was just happy to get another game to my account. But back then I was playing ‘Skyrim’ so I never started this game.


The game has three different modes: ‘Campaign’, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Puzzle’. To get to play the ‘Arcade’ or ‘Puzzle’ modes you first need to complete the first level of the campaign. And that was easier said than done.


“So how does this game work? What am I supposed to do?!”

This the first level. “Make blooms. You have 22 pushes to get enough points to pass the level”: this much can be seen in the bottom corners. Nothing else is explained, but what is in that picture. Took me sometime to even figure out how to ‘push’.


“Yey! Something happened!”

I kept trying to figure out what I can do: is it the white ones I should click or the dark grey or lighter grey.


By some accident I got some points: 7/21…


Level 1 and I failed miserably…

I tried, and tried to figure the game out, and by some miracle I managed to get through the first level.


“Finally a Bloom! But what do those numbers mean..?”

The next level was entirely different: bigger and green. I still wasn’t really understanding the game mechanics. Click an empty space and you get more coloured hexes.


“Good luck sweetheart indeed…”

It wasn’t until level three that the game told how the coloured hexes behave.


You can click on an empty space next to a coloured hex and the arrows will show you which rows are being pushed by new coloured hex tiles.

With each new level I eventually understood more and more about the game. If a coloured hex reaches the outer rim (the darker tiles) the hex will disappear. The more ‘blooms’ you can make with a single push, the more points you get. Later you get levels with two colours, which must be ‘bloomed’ separately, and levels where there are ‘explosive tiles’ that possibly (I’m not really sure..) make a bigger ‘bloom’.

A one thing I never figured out is, what is the logic on how new coloured hexes appear after ‘blooms’. I played till the level 8 and stopped, because it just isn’t fun to play a puzzle game which you don’t understand.

But there was still the ‘Arcade’ mode and ‘Puzzle’ mode to try out.

I decided to start with the ‘Arcade’ one. There where three choices: all which had a timer and tiles that I had never seen before.



“What are those moon and lighting tiles?!”, I screamed and randomly pushed everywhere in panic…

Being even more confusing than the campaign, I decided that the ‘Arcade’ mode was not for me at all.

So what about the ‘Puzzle’? Would that be even worse, since I didn’t still yet understand how the game worked.


“There seems to be plenty of puzzles. Let see how terrible they are..”

Starting with the first one I have say: this playmode should have been the campaign or the tutorial or at least be unlocked from the start. It starts so easily that all you got do is make one single ‘bloom’. This was what I expected of the game. Learning the game mechanics with one level at a time.


Note: This is not the right way to solve this…

The puzzles get more complex each level and that way you learn how the game is played most efficiently.


The ‘Puzzle’ mode seems like worth playing, but otherwise ‘Fractal: Make Blooms Not War’ is not the type of casual puzzle game that you want to play for the 15 minutes while waiting for your pizza or something: which I think is the type of game it could be.

I might finish the ‘Puzzle’ mode if I ever the get the hang of how the new hex tiles appear after making ‘blooms’.

Playtime for the review: ~30 minutes

Current status: Most probably won’t play again


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