In the beginning there was… A Game of Thrones – Genesis

Last played: 2012

Previous playtime: 15 min

Remember the time when you went to a store to buy games for your PC, then you came home with a nice DVD-case, put into your DVD-drive and then it started to make a loud whirling sound. I can’t remember the last time I even inserted a disc into my PC’s drive. But back then that was the only way I knew how to play videogames. That was until I bought ‘A Game of Thrones – Genesis’. This game offered me a chance to install a program that I wouldn’t need to use the disc every time I wanted to play. And that is how I got my Steam account.

Buying the game was an impulse decision: loved the series and at the time my favorite game was ‘Age of Mythology’. A game combining those two; what could go wrong?


This is how long I played the game back then: 15 minutes.

I tried it and it seemed horrible. It just wasn’t what I expected. And I just left it, never to be played again…

Until today.

This was a game I did not want to try again. But I promised myself to try each and everyone of my games, so what was I to do…


“This game has multiplayer! There must be thousands of players to compete against…”

If I remembered correctly, the game had been confusing and complex: so I should start with the tutorial and get it over with.


“So there are four parts to this tutorial. Let’s begin with the first one.”

The tutorial explains how to use units and and how to acquire alliances with other villages and castles. You are playing as the Targaryens against the Lannisters. If there are any differences between the houses is not revealed.


“Uu! A minimap!”

To acquire an alliance you have a unit called ‘envoy’. You can send it to a nearby town and then they are your allies and you establish a trade route with them. But your opponent can also send their envoy and steal your pact with the town. But then you can send a spy there and make a secret pack with them, so that the opponent doesn’t get any money anymore. But alas! So can they! But then you can marry a noble lady to the town so there can’t be any secret alliances. But wait! There are assassins that can murder the ladies! And so on and so on…


“At least there was some battle..”

Completing the tutorial took me an hour! And I felt so bored I wanted to quit it multiple times. As I had promised each game an hour playtime , I wanted shut the game and delete it once again from my computer: this time for forever.

But to be fair tutorials can’t really be considered as the actual game. Therefor I decided to try out the campaign too.


In the campaign you play as Nymeria, who has sailed to Westeros with her army to conquer the land.


“This looks much better! The map is way more interesting.”

What surprised me was that the campaign teaches you the same tactics of the gameplay as the tutorial. But not as boringly and it made me feel like there could be some point to the gameplay and not just back and forthing with the opponent.

I only played the first scenario, because the tutorial had drained me completely, but later I may actually go back to the game and finish it.

So ‘A Game of Thrones – Genesis’ has become the first of many games that I have judged way too early, and I won’t delete it from my account just yet.


(How did I get these achievements?)

Playtime for the review: 1,5 hours

Current status: Will try a little more, but probably will not play after that



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