How did I end up with so many games!?

I’ve had a Steam account since 2011. I have over 250 games registered on my account; with Family-Sharing on with my boyfriend, the number of games available comes to near 1000. Then I also have an account on GOG and  Uplay; containing about 50 games in total.

That is a lot of games for a person who doesn’t even play everyday. To be honest: I bet I haven’t even launched half of them. Usually I just keep playing the same games. Switching between them. But at least some games I have finished (well main stories, but that counts, right..?).

So how and why so many games? Reason is simple: sales and bundles. Games these days have become so cheap that just the slightest interest or friend’s recommendation get you to buy them. Even if you never actually start them and give them a chance, they still haunt your account’s library.

But now I’ve decided to try them all out. Each and everyone of the games will get playtime from 30 minutes to one hour to prove their worth. Starting from the game that made me get a Steam account, to the most recent games that I’m most likely to purchase in the future.

Here is my library at the moment:



Please don’t make me play that GoT -game…

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